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Butterfly -Glass and Driftwood

Butterfly -Glass and Driftwood

The energy of the butterfly is all about transformation. It is the only animal that can complete transform its genetic DNA to become something completely new and beautiful. It reminds us that we all have the potential to change and transform our lives even at points struggle.

This unique butterfly is made out of driftwood collected from beaches in South Wales, metal that has been up-cycled and off-cuts of coloured glass that would have been thrown.

This butterfly is designed to be a beautiful piece of artwork for inside or outside of the home. Due to the coloured glass pieces being incorporates into the art, it looks incredible when positioned where the sun light can shine through its wings. The butterfly comes with a D hook on the back, so it is easy to hang on the wall or tree. This makes for a lovely gift for anyone who has a love for animals, the garden or in need for a change. Let this beautiful butterfly fly in and transform your life or the lives of loved ones.

  • Dimensions

    Height 30cm, Width 20cm, depth 5cm

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