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Storm break

Storm break

  • Measurements

    The picture frame is:

    18 inch in height

    36 inches in width

    1.5 inches deep

    Due to the picture being 3D, the widest depth of the picture is 3 inches.

    It also has hooks in the back and twine in place for easy hanging.

  • Description

    This picture is to capture that perfect moment after a storm has hit across the beach and for just a moment, there is this balance between storm and calm that is a privilege to witness.

    It is made using a variety of mixed medium including natural driftwood dragged up the beach following a storm. Sand collected from the beach with tiny bits of seaweed and stones. Acrylic paint swiped over layers to create the ever changing skyline and resin to create the 3D waves that lift away from the picture.

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